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Job Vacancies

All jobs for permanent employees with us are currently occupied.

You can readily apply to our Managing Director Kerstin Voigt at as a freelance worker. At the moment we are expanding our supply of freelancers, especially for the language combination English-Russian / Russian-English.

Students (third year bachelors and masters students) studying language degrees (Translation, International Communication and Translation, Linguistics, in other words Linguistic Sciences, Philology: English Studies including American Studies, Slavic Studies, Romance Studies, Scandinavian Studies, Arabic Studies, Baltic Studies etc.) can of course come to us for an internship. We offer internships from two months onwards, but we prefer a maximum possible length of three months. We are happy to supervise work related to the topic of study.

The internship must be a necessary part of the degree. This condition, as well as the maximum duration of the internship is valid, as long as the law about the minimum wage (MiLoG) with regards to student internships has not been specified.

We also offer internships for foreign students (Translation with main subject German or English, German Studies).

Students studying Marketing as well as Accounting can also work on tasks relevant to their degree and apply their knowledge in practice.