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WORLD TEXT Christmas Celebration 2016

On 2nd December 2016 there was yet another surprise for all WORLD TEXT employees. First we enjoyed a wonderful vegetarian lunch at Feine Kost Schwerin, and after that we were given the chance to get creative with an afternoon of pottery painting at Tuscherei. During the afternoon we were visited by guest speaker from the German Child Protection Association (Deutscher Kinderschutzbund e.V.), who told us all about the work the Association does for children and also gave us a chance to ask questions. The Managing Directors then made a generous donation to the Association on behalf of WORLD TEXT. After a few enjoyable hours painting the pieces we had chosen, it was time to hand them in to be glazed. A week later our creations were returned to us and we were able to see how they had turned out.



The BDÜ's (Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators) Regional Group in Heidelberg/Mannheim is calling for a selfie-campaign where the translating profession will become the centre of attention on social media. This is how it works: upload a picture with a speech bubble saying, in any language, how you connect the world as a translator with the hashtag #iconnectworlds to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on 30th September.

Summer Celebrations on the Water

On 9th September 2016 there was a summer surprise for all WORLD TEXT employees: three hours on the Schweriner See in a small boat with food and drink in the most radiant sunshine.

WORLD TEXT Assists in Cooperation Forums

WORLD TEXT has always taken part in Matchmaking Events of the state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern since the very first in 2010. In addition we use organisations such as MariMatch and WindMatch in order to make ourselves personally known to entrepreneurs and decision-makers from different companies.

WORLD TEXT is once again conversing with different representatives of various companies on 16th March 2016 in Rostock at the Suppliers' Day Mecklenburg-Vorpommern at B2B-Matchmaking.

25 Years of WORLD TEXT - Experienced and Forward Thinking

The team at WORLD TEXT Sprachenservice celebrated its 25th anniversary on 26th February 2016. We continue to serve our clients with extensive experience and dedication.

Although most of our very first clients were local residents who came to us for translations of documents, driving licences and job applications, we were able to expand quickly. As we became known for our professionalism, various government agencies that work with migrants in a wider context began placing their trust in us. These clients include the public service offices and the migrant organisations themselves, as well as the jurisdiction and the investigative bodies in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

For many years now, WORLD TEXT has also been providing language services to an increasing number of companies, both regional and nationwide. Of course, our local partners have the advantage of being able to meet with us in person, however the internet makes us equally reachable for every client, regardless of location.

The amateur has hardly any idea how technically demanding the modern translation process is. For example, many projects are only possible using so-called 'multilingual translation project management'. Nowadays, language service providers can hardly compete without state-of-the-art computer technology.

We thank our employees for their commitment, their professional expertise and their willingness to achieve the seemingly impossible.

We would also like to thank our clients, whose projects have challenged and supported us, helping to make WORLD TEXT what it is today: a competent partner for all language requirements, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Our freelancers both in Germany and abroad enable us to translate into over fifty languages in accordance with the mother-tongue principle. With staff training and the latest technologies, we keep our company up to date in order to offer our clients the competency they require.

In other respects WORLD TEXT is a success story: a female quota is no issue for us. People with migrant backgrounds are integrated in the company. WORLD TEXT is furthermore involved in social projects such as humanitarian aid for Belarus and children's homes in Schwerin, frequently offers genuine assistance for individuals in need and is voluntarily active in art and culture associations as well as in politics and business.

Your WORLD TEXT team says: Thank You!

Christmas 2015 at Krömer's Wine Shop and Cooking School

In 2014 Christmas was filled with chocolate: the company Christmas celebration was held on 12th December 2014 at 'Dolci Note' run by Antonio, the 'Italian Schweriner' with a love of chocolate which he passed on to us.

20th FIT Congress in Berlin, 4th-6th August 2014

In Germany regular congresses for translators and interpreters have taken place in Berlin since 2009. Before that there was simply a congress in Bonn in 1993 - not only the first since the reunification of Germany, but also the first since the founding of the BDÜ (Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators).

In this respect 2014 was a very special year: the FIT (Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs - the International Translators' Union) carried out its 20th congress in Germany. Almost 1600 interpreters and translators from 70 countries took part in this jubilee congress. Five participants came from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. WORLD TEXT was there in person represented by Managing Director Kerstin Voigt.

Today over 120 professional bodies and education institutes from 60 countries are united in FIT, which was established 60 years ago. The newly elected FIT president is the New Zealander with Chinese roots Dr Henry Liu.

Over three congress days interesting presentations, podium discussions, seminars and networking on an international scale took place. At the centre of this was the theme 'In the field of conflict between man and machine - the future of translators, interpreters and terminologists'. This topic was intensely and controversially discussed. In the future the translator could not be replaced by machine translation, which for many languages is still in the stage of language laboratory and university research. Machine translation will however change the perspective of the job image and practice. The translator as a language expert will decidedly stay to ensure that the translations are of a high quality. However in the foreseeable future good translations of specialist texts will never be achieved at the press of a button, despite all of the advances in computer technology and linguistics.

The participants also discussed the situation of their colleagues in the crisis regions of the world with great concern. They unanimously passed a resolution.

In 2017 the Australian Union will hold the next FIT World Congress in Brisbane.

WORLD TEXT Celebrating Christmas

On 13th December 2013 we enjoyed a wonderful multi course menu at Krömer's Wine Shop and Cooking School for our Christmas celebration, as well as a taste of luxury with a wine tasting experience.

WORLD TEXT at the Hannover Trade Fair 2013

In 2013 we had a stand at the Hannover Trade Fair at the Business Community for the state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. This trade fair welcomed Russia as a guest country.

5th Day of Language Services

On 27th October 2016 the 6th day of language services will take place in Frankfurt/Main.

On 4th-5th November 2016 we will also be at the trade conference 'Machine Translation and Post-Editing' in Köthen.

International Day of Mother Tongues

This is one of the commemoration days for the 'promotion of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism' proclaimed by UNESCO. It has taken place every year on 21st February since 2000. The background for this is the danger of extinction of more than half of all languages, many of which have less than 10,000 native speakers.

2008 was the UNO year of languages.

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