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WORLD TEXT is on call to translate demanding texts into 50 languages.

For this purpose we...     
...maintain a database with more than 300 translators worldwide,, find and constantly test new translators,
...conclude contracts and data protection agreements with them, our translators beyond simply providing them
with regular assignments.

Our databases provide us with information on:

- all relevant data concerning our translators

- areas of specialisation

- clients for whom our translators have worked

- computer equipment and peripherals

- all existing contractual agreements with our translators.

WORLD TEXT databases facilitate the submission of a qualified bid encompassing all facets of the work involved from start to finish. This service is completely free of charge for all clients and potential clients.

WORLD TEXT offers a reliable organisation, which functions irrespective of holidays, illnesses or the moods of individual translators.

WORLD TEXT is always accessible to its customers. You are not dependent on an answering machine in Hong Kong and need not despair that an e-mail sent to Russia might not transmit.