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25 Years of WORLD TEXT – Experienced and Forward Thinking

In 2016 WORLD TEXT Sprachenservice celebrated its 25th anniversary. We continue to serve our customers with extensive experience and dedication.
Although most of our very first clients were local individuals who came to us for translations of personal documents such as certificates, driving licences and job applications, our customer base grew rapidly. As we earned a reputation for professionalism, various government agencies that work with migrants in a wider context began placing their trust in us.

These clients include Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s public service offices, museums and courts. For many years now, WORLD TEXT has also been providing language services to an increasing number of companies, not only from the region but also nationwide. Local clients have the advantage of being able to meet with us in person. However, the Internet has made our services equally accessible for any client, regardless of location. It isn’t always easy for laypeople to understand how technically demanding the modern translation process is. Many projects, for example, are only possible using so-called 'multilingual translation project management'. Nowadays, language-service providers can hardly compete without state-of-the-art computer technology. This is one of the reasons why WORLD TEXT has a computer scientist on its staff. We are grateful to our employees for their commitment, professional expertise and willingness to go the extra mile to achieve even the seemingly impossible. We would also like to thank our clients, whose projects have challenged and supported us, helping make WORLD TEXT what we are today: a competent partner for all language requirements, regionally, nationally and internationally. Our extensive pool of freelancers in Germany and abroad enables us to provide translations in accordance with the mother-tongue principle in more than 50 languages. With staff training and the latest technologies, we keep our company up to date in order to offer our clients the competency they require. WORLD TEXT is a success story in yet another way: we have no need for a women’s quota. The company was founded by women and still has an all-women management team. People with immigrant backgrounds are integrated in the company. Furthermore, WORLD TEXT supports social projects, such as humanitarian aid for Belarus and children’s homes in Schwerin, frequently offers genuine assistance for individuals in need and is active in art and culture associations.

Your WORLD TEXT team says thank you!

Culture and Nature

850-Year Celebration and Schweriner Gartensommer are waiting for you!

Following the success of the Bundesgartenschau (Federal Horticultural Exhibition) in 2009, the city of Schwerin celebrated its 850th year not only with an anniversary celebration, but also offered guests many interesting events within the framework of the Schweriner Gartensommer right into the month of September. The motto of this event was 'Natur, die inspiriert. Kultur, die fasziniert' (Nature that inspires. Culture that fascinates). 

Company Profile

WORLD TEXT is a translation company which provides highly professional translations of specialised economic, business, scientific and technical texts.

WORLD TEXT translates websites, technical documentation, contracts ready for signature, image brochures and catalogues, as well as management reports for its clients.

WORLD TEXT meets the highest quality standards.
We work in accordance with the internationally recognised quality management system, ISO 9001: 2000.

WORLD TEXT guarantees the availability of more than 300 qualified specialist translators all over the world.
Our central management team coordinates the work and monitors the strict admission procedure for translators according to their technical knowledge and specialisation in their respective mother tongues. A multi-stage proof-reading procedure rounds off the quality assurance for translations into a total of 50 languages.


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