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The WORLD TEXT translation process

"To adhere too closely to the text will inevitably make any translation stiff, for it is impossible to make everything sound natural in one language which may sound perfectly normal in another" Lessing (1, 278), Hamburgische Dramaturgie

Customer request

I) Feasibility check

1. Evaluation of the text according to content/sector,
degree of difficulty and extent of job.

2. Selection of a suitable translator for the text.

3. Cost estimate, preparation of bid, dispatch

II) Process management

4. Acceptance of order

5. Preparation and allocation of the text to the translator.

6. Assignment of translation to proof-reader

7. Final check of the text for completeness, spelling and layout and conversion into another file format where necessary. 

8. Delivery/dispatch of documents to the client

III) Administrative processes

9. Remuneration of translators and proof-readers

10. Transfer of data to the WORLD TEXT
archiving system